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I often get asked about the prospects of up and coming tennis players which are always an interesting question because to me there are so many more important reasons for children to play tennis than to make money from...
Cronulla can move into the NRL top four with a victory against a Parramatta team, which can be unpredictable, on Saturday at Pirtek Stadium. With Souths thrashed by the Brisbane Broncos 47-12 on Thursday at Allianz Stadium it has opened...
LeBron James is arguably the best NBA player of his time. He has always had exceptional talent, but he was frustrated early in his career. Drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, he knew it was going to be difficult to...
The Premier League is a competition for English and Welsh football clubs, in short. Each team plays each team twice, in about 380 matches season. Why would you want to watch it? First of all the Premier League is the most...
Players know when their contracts expire, just as any employee under contract would. Many times players put in extra effort in the classroom, training and on gameday in the final year of their deal in an effort to...
Every year the NFL goes through an off-season period that redefines the shape of every one of the teams in the League for the season to come. Team executives make decisions regarding re-signing players, signing other team’s free agents,...

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